Nielsen Dental serving Omaha Nebraska

Dr. Mark Nielsen, Dentistry Elkhorn NE

Nielsen Dental serves all of Omaha Nebraska.  We offer a full range of serves to those in Omaha looking for their teeth to be well looked after.

If you are thinking about a new dentist or looking for a family dentist in the Omaha area, choose Nielsen dentistry.

Many patients call our Omaha office their “dental home”.   Every patient is treated from the perspective of health (routine dental examinations and oral cancer screenings), the comfort and function of their bite (restoring damaged or missing teeth to health), and the appearance of their smile (whitening, bonding, and veneers can enhance your smile!).


We would enjoy meeting you here in Omaha!  Please call for an appointment or for an Omaha office tour.  Recently updated in January 2010, we offer many ways to make your visit comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable.  Through digital x-rays and intraoral cameras, you can see the health of your teeth and gums or any need for treatment.  And if dental information is more than you want, just turn the screen to your favorite show instead!


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